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What is SEO and how it works

What is SEO
What is SEO

What is search engine?

A search engine is a software system that is designed to help users find information on the internet by using keywords or phrases. One of the most popular search engines are Google, Bing and Yahoo.

The results are instantly listed by scanning the World Wide Web. The list of results that fit the best to the user’s searched keywords is called search engine results pages, or for short, SERP. The best fitting websites are on top of the list.

Search engines use different kinds of algorithms to find the best results for users search. Such as crawling, indexing and ranking.

Crawling is regularly browsing the internet’s content by “spiders or crawlers” with the goal of indexing. Web indexing is a system to organize content following the search engine’s plan and ranking the most relevant information (websites) on the top of SERP.

Content creators use SEO to help “spiders or crawlers” determine that their website is best fitting to specific searches and to rank them on top of the SERPs list.

What is SEO?

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a process of improving and optimizing a website with the goal of ranking high in search engine results pages, which increases a website’s organic traffic and ranking.

Organic ranking is unpaid, free ranking on SERPs list. User’s keyword searches are best fitting to website’s content and therefore the website is highly ranked. The better the ranking, the more organic traffic a website will have.

How does SEO work?

SEO analyses how do the search engines work and optimizes website in the same way.

For example, we have a cooking website with recipes, videos and tips. If a spider crawls the website and scans the content on pages, including internal and external links, it will understand the content of this website and link it to the best fitting keyword searches.

When a user searches for “chocolate cake recipe”, the search engine algorithm will pick our website as one of the websites in SERPs list. There are millions of websites that link with that keyword, so just being listed isn’t enough.

There are 3 types of SEO to help you further:

  • On-page – design and quality content
  • Technical – helping spiders crawl and index easier
  • Off-page – backlinks, website promotion

How to do SEO?

SEO Main Elements


  • Write unique and inspiring content
  • Create something different or a different angle for well known topics
  • Update your old posts
  • Publish new posts regularly
  • Include images, graphs, screenshots


  • Good keywords require thorough research
  • Check what your potential users are searching for
  • Write down a list of possible keywords
  • Get ideas from Google search suggestions
  • Research your competitors
  • Use free tools for keywords

Optimize website

  • Include keywords into your content
  • Use CDN (Content Delivery Network) such as Cloudflare.
  • Create posts with images or videos
  • Make sure links are clickable and lead to the right post
  • Make backlinks, internal and external links
  • Page speed is very important
  • Accelerated mobile pages – AMP

Social Media

  • Connect with potential users
  • Interact and encourage feedback
  • Ask questions

What is SEO writing?

SEO writing is a process of researching, creating and optimizing content by implementing keywords and keyphrases, writing original and unique content with the intention of ranking higher in search results.

Ranking higher in search results means more visitors and more potential paying customers, which ultimately results in profit!

There are some great contents out there, but if they are not on the first page of search results, it’s all for nothing. Users are probably not going through more than a few first pages of search results. After all, do you?

You can invest into advertised paid traffic, but it costs a fair amount of money, and it is unsustainable. Rather invest time in SEO writing, which is free, to bring you continual and lasting results.

Quality SEO strategy

SEO strategy is a process of detailed planning, organizing and optimizing your website in order to boost organic traffic.

Above all, you should set your SEO goals. For example, you have good organic traffic, but a small percentage of visitors become paying customers, why? And so on.

SEO promotion company

An SEO promotion company is a business which offers services that help with your website ranking and with boosting organic traffic.

Paid traffic and SEO promotion companies are not alike. Paid traffic is an advertisement, and it is unsustainable, contrarily to SEO promotion company, which is implementing SEO to your website for you in exchange for money.

Several of the services they offer are:

  • analyse current website
  • analyse targeted viewers
  • create content
  • make website interactive (working links)
  • change website design
  • polishing existing content
  • optimizing for search engine spiders
  • implementing keywords and keyphrases naturally
  • optimizing for mobile users
  • speed optimization
  • link building – backlinks
  • content marketing
  • social media marketing
  • many others

Hiring an expert is a great option, if you don’t have time to learn. SEO is always changing and is hard to keep up with. This way you get the best of the best to work on your website, and it’s not just one person, it’s a whole team of experts.