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What is AMP? How to add AMP to WordPress?

What is AMP
What is AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages)

What is AMP?

What is AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open-source framework that optimizes mobile web browsing or boosts loading speed of a website. AMP was created by Google and launched in 2015.

Websites that use AMP have a small lightning bolt beside the post in search results.

Usage of mobile devices is increasing and surpassing desktop ones. This is why AMP pages are leading in mobile search results. Speed does greatly influence your organic ranking.

Using AMP, you are creating a light mobile version of your website that loads faster. Lack of JavaScript, CSS, Content Delivery Network and some HTML tags is what makes is it so light and fast.

Essentially, it creates a simple website that is using limited and most important parts, which increases the loading speed greatly.

Critical moments for mobile users, like searching for a nearby restaurant, make AMP so valuable. If there is more than 3 seconds of loading, a potential user is more likely to go back and click on another website. It is important that you deliver fast response.

However, AMP limits ads, which means less income. You will also miss some content and design, since your website has been simplified.

AMP can’t affect internet connection, but when it is slow, it can provide fast loading by reducing JavaScript, CSS and resources.

If you’ve an E-Commerce website, publisher, advertiser or electronic mail sender, AMP Plugin makes it clean to make high-quality experiences for your website. Use AMP to build:

  • AMP website
  • AMP stories
  • AMP ads
  • AMP Email

What is the best WordPress AMP plugin?

  • Google AMP Plugin
  • AMP for WordPress

Is WordPress AMP Plugin important for my website?

According to a study, 92.6 percent (4.32 billion) worldwide are accessing internet via mobile devices. Ensuring that your WordPress site both loads quickly and looks impressive at the same time, should be a priority. Luckily, the Google Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) makes this task much easier for a beginner.

In this article, I will explain how to set up WordPress AMP in two ways:

  • Official AMP for WordPress plugin.
  • AMP for WP – Accelerated Mobile Pages plugin.

I will also explain what WordPress AMP actually is, and show you how to validate it after the setup process is complete.

What do you get by using WordPress AMP plugin?

  • A boost to Search Engine Optimization (SEO).
  • High-quality user experience.
  • Increased server performance.

WordPress AMP Plugin cons

  • Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript limitations.
  • Only cached pages are displayed.
  • Ad revenue capabilities are restricted. 

How to add AMP on WordPress?

Alright, let’s set up the AMP for your website. All you need a WordPress AMP plugin, but before installing any AMP plugin, I recommend that you back up your WordPress website.

1. AMP for WordPress Plugin

Google AMP

Navigate to Plugins Add New in your WordPress dashboard. Enter “AMP for WordPress” in the search bar, and look for the right AMP plugin for WordPress – install and activate it. You can manually download it from WordPress website and upload it “Google AMP Plugin

If you don’t know how to manually upload themes and plugin, Please check this Article “How to manually upload a theme or plugin in 3 steps

After installing it, you will get 3 options to choose one of them suits your website theme, not all themes are compatible with AMP plugin.

Standard Mode

It’s a great choice if you’ve a fully compatible theme with Google AMP Plugin, you can check the compatible list through this link (themes and plugins) are fully AMP compatible.

Or if you’ve resources to do custom AMP development.

Transitional mode

Don’t worry, if your site uses a theme that is not fully AMP compatible, you can use this mode.

Reader mode

If you’re using a highly AMP-incompatible theme, or you don’t want to deal with incompatibility, then this is the best mode you can use.

2. AMP for WP

AMP for WordPress (Source :

To use this AMP plugin for WordPress, navigate to Plugins > Add New in your dashboard. Search for “AMP for WP” and install the plugin or download it manually “AMP for WordPress

AMP for WP plugin gives you more features and option to choose for your website. It’s not complicated, but not as easy as Google AMP plugin.


  • SEO > Search Engine Optimize, includes meta descriptions, titles, SEO Plugins.
  • Performance > This option to allows you to toggle file minification on and off, file minification improves the speed of your website.
  • Analytics > here you can set up integration with Google Analytics as well as Google Tag Manager.
  • Comments > If you want to include Disqus, WordPress, Facebook comments in your WordPress AMP.
  • Advanced Settings > Custom HTML for header and footer, mobile redirection, retina images.

How many free themes you get from AMP for WP?

You get a few themes for the free version, which is the dark side of it, but this plugin gives you many options to choose between in Pro version.

How much is AMP for WP pro version?

$149 Per year for 1 website and $999 for lifetime plan for unlimited websites.

P.S. Happy posting ⌨