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How to make money online with blogging: 9 Profitable niches

How to make money online with blogging 9 Profitable niches
How to make money online with blogging 9 Profitable niches

How to make money online with blogging: 9 Profitable niches

You decided to start a blog, you want to convert it to a business, now you are indecisive about the topic you want to write about.

Very few people create blogs that actually amount to something. Many people work so hard and do all the right steps but their blog just never becomes significant.

There are countless blogs with so many topics and you wonder which are the best for you. The fundamental thing is passion. Following that, you need effort and patience.

All topics are good, but not every is going to bring you profit. Making money from a blog isn’t so easily done, but it can be achieved!

How much bloggers earn monthly?

You might think it’s low income or maximum $300-$400 per month. After many researches I’ve a chart of some websites that sent their monthly income reports.

How much you can earn from blogging

Some websites earn more than that, I couldn’t find any proper reports for Education bloggers, some of them can make $500,000+ and some can make $50 per month.

It depends on what exactly you offer, such as premium online courses or free educational content.

Which topic is the best for you?

This can only be one of the two: the easiest or the hardest part.

I created a list of blog topics that are proven to bring you money.

1 – Finance

Average monthly income : $23,620

Finance blog

Finance is one of the most profitable topics to talk about. You can make money and at the same time you can guide people on how to manage their own money.

Few ideas you can start with:

  • Money management
  • Making money online
  • Financial independence
  • Income reports
  • Side hustles
  • Stocks

It’s rather impossible to compete with financial giants, who have many employed. So to better your chances, it’s better to pick a specific topic.

2 – Travel

Average monthly income : $41,176

Travel Blog

A travel blog isn’t just about you visiting places and then putting your experience into words. This can only get you so far, you will need much more to succeed.

Few things you can combine it with:

  • Travel guides
  • Interesting facts about destination
  • Tips for a stunning photo
  • How to dress appropriately
  • Things that are frowned upon at your destination but normal for the rest of the world
  • Showing places that are not crowded tourist attractions
  • Restaurants for specific diet requirements (e.g. vegan, allergies, religious reasons)

Try to embody your post with photos. It really goes a long way.

Travelling blog isn’t just to please your audience, enjoy it yourself. Visit all the places you wanted and eventually you can take some feedback from your visitors for destination ideas.

Try not to write only about yourself, what you ate, what you saw, etc… Write about a good story that happened, make viewers laugh, basically just try to relate to your audience!

If you prefer to take photos, make it a photo guide!

3 – Business and Marketing

Average monthly income : $61,572

Business and Marketing
Business and Marketing blog

Business and marketing blog help readers to learn the most basic as well as advanced skills to start a business, or help readers to grow up their business.

Here is some marketing blog ideas:

  • SEO (Search Engine Optimize)
  • Blogging
  • Ecommerce marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Small business marketing
  • Business news
  • Website analytics

We consider PressyHappy being a marketing blog, we’re working hard to provide a unique content to help you to grow your business.

Marketing blogs are the source for anyone who wants to make money online, but you need to have experiences to provide a unique content to your reader.

4 – Education

Average monthly income : Unknown ($50-$1000,000)

Education blog

Educational blogs are all about people wanting information about education, to better their own education or to find help with education for their younger ones, like online tutoring or courses.

There are so many specific topics you can talk about in an educational blog that it can be overwhelming. I have some ideas listed for you:

  • Lesson plans – mostly for teachers
  • Homeschooling tips
  • Latest news in educational field
  • Online courses
  • Tips for high grades in school
  • Tutoring
  • College reviews
  • Online advices for students
  • How to progress in higher education

How to get an audience?

Get in touch with parents in your community, ask them what they are missing for better education for their kids. Encourage your readers to tell you in comments what would they like to know next. Feel free to visit other educational blogs for inspiration.

Post your content strategically! Everyone knows when schools and colleges are starting. Try to keep up with these dates for better results.

If you decide to write about learning theories and knowledge, do not “copy and paste” from Wikipedia. Find sources from books or from many educational search engines that at the tip of your fingertips. Keep your content updated and accurate.

Not everyone can learn by reading text, some people need visual help. Include images or videos in your content!

Be careful about intellectual property. It refers to creations of mind, like literary work and images. Intellectual property is protected by law.

5 – Food

Average monthly income : $18,341

Food blog

Food blogs have all sorts of people posting, from home-cooked cuisine to famous chefs. But each and every have one thing in common, love for food!

You can pack your blog with delicious photos of your own creations and your own recipes. Your artistic side can really bloom with every meal you make. It’s not an easy task, to make your food look good in a photo (I tried and failed). So this is where your talent for art can be very helpful.

However, a food blog isn’t just about recipes. Here are some of the ideas:

  • Family recipes (from grandma’s old cookbook)
  • Review a new restaurant
  • How to decorate a plate
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables
  • Baking tips
  • Personal cooking improvement
  • Creating new recipe with unusual and surprising ingredient
  • Food from different parts of the world
  • Your favourite recipe or an ingredient
  • 10 things you must have in your kitchen
  • Homemade remedies
  • 15 minutes meal
  • How to properly store and organize your ingredients and spices
  • Foolproof first date recipe
  • Reusing leftovers
  • I tried 5 chocolate cake recipes and found the best
  • Going vegan or vegetarian
  • Common food allergies
  • Gluten-free food

6 – Lifestyle

Average monthly income : $19,889

Lifestyle blog

Lifestyle blogs are typically inspired by the creator’s (yours) personal life. It can include your daily life, activities, opinions, interests, makeup, fashion, homemade DIY and similar things.

A lifestyle blog in a form of a dairy isn’t going to get you far. People search for solutions to a problem not to read you describing your day. Of course, you can include this as well, but as a one paragraph or so.

Make your blog stand out by finding a new angle on already known things. If you are just not inspired, I have ideas for you:

  • Top 10 favorite movies/TV shows
  • How to efficiently pack a suitcase
  • Outfit of the day
  • Best beauty products
  • Date night ideas
  • Your wishlist/bucketlist
  • Biggest success/fail in your life
  • Dream job
  • DIY tutorial
  • How to motivate yourself
  • Your self-care routine
  • Lifehacks you wish you knew earlier
  • How to save money and time
  • Morning/night routine
  • 5 things about yourself
  • 10 things you can’t live without
  • Online shopping
  • Fashion trends
  • Relationship advices
  • 2-min hairstyle you must try
  • Must have clothing items
  • Share your playlist
  • How you stay healthy and fit
  • Your favorite holidays
  • Compare 2 beauty products
  • 5 things I must have in my bag

7 – Health and Fitness

Average monthly income : $15,534

Health and Fitness blog

Two in one blog! Making money and really helping people to stay healthy and happy!

More and more people are searching for new and effective ways to eat healthier, to have an efficient exercise and to learn more about their own body.

Motivate and encourage your readers to start or to stay on their path to be fit and healthy.

Here are several topic ideas:

  • Beginners guide
  • What exercise to chose as a beginner
  • Top 10 exercises at home
  • Fat loss/weight loss
  • Top 10 no-equipment workouts
  • How often should you exercise
  • Top 10 gym equipment
  • How to find the best gym or trainer
  • How to stay motivated
  • 5 healthy and delicious recipes
  • Supplements – yes or no?
  • Meal prep
  • How to exercise with injury
  • How exercise can cheer you up
  • My fitness journey
  • What I eat in a day
  • Cheat meal
  • What to wear for a specific exercise (e.g. what to wear for running)
  • What to bring to the gym or how I pack my gym bag
  • Post-partum exercise
  • Importance of music while exercising
  • 30-min routine that can change your life
  • Nutritional values of food
  • Hiking vs. running
  • How to target a specific area (e.g. belly, thighs)
  • Making healthy eating habits
  • Pregnancy safe exercises
  • Fitness myths
  • Fitness trackers – pros and cons
  • Impact of going vegan/vegetarian

8 – Parenting (mom blog)

Average monthly income : $6,631

Parenting blog,

Starting a parenting blog, as a stay at home parent, can be a casual online job. Some extra money on the side.

We all want to be successful at our jobs, parenting and also have a good relationship with life partner.

How to balance it all?

Set priorities. Example, if you prioritize being a parent over work, instead of working overtime hours on a blog, you would choose to play with your kids and spend some time with them.

Make a schedule! Set up goals that you want to achieve as a blogger as well as a parent. Print it out and have it in your sight as a reminder.

Now you managed to get time to write, but you are having a writer’s block. Don’t worry, I got a list of ideas prepared for you:

  • Story of your blog beginning
  • What to do at “me time”
  • Share your wedding story
  • Share your birth experience
  • Talk about your worst/best day as a parent
  • Top 5 activities for kids
  • Top 5 worst/best products you bought for kids
  • Your favorite family traditions
  • Sibling rivalry
  • Best parenting books
  • What to do when your kid is sick
  • Perfect family friendly pets
  • Parenting hacks/tips
  • Make sure your kid is safe online
  • Your pregnancy journey
  • Healthy snacks
  • When and how to teach your kid to write and read
  • How to keep relationship with your partner healthy as parents
  • Relationship with in-laws
  • Single parenting
  • Dating after divorce
  • Postpartum depression

9 – Fashion

Average monthly income : $5,653

Fashion blog

One of the most popular topics is fashion.

It’s so popular because of its broad spectrum of writing ideas. You can focus on one specific style or you can combine all of it.

Some of the ideas are:

  • Create your wishlist as a post
  • Post outfit of the day
  • Clothing pieces you like the most and/or the ones you like the least
  • Show off your closet or your shoe collection
  • Show how to accessorize with certain outfits
  • Your personal style journey
  • Easy fashion DIY
  • Guide for special occasions – weddings, Valentine’s Day, first date
  • Your top 5 seasonal outfits – e.g. top 5 outfits for summer
  • Shopping tips – where to find stylish things
  • Your top 5 online fashion shops
  • What to pack for a trip
  • How to combine 1 item for every occasion
  • Recreating celebrity look at affordable prices
  • Things you regret buying
  • What is in your bag

It can be anything really. Maybe you will have some totally different angle that no one else even thought of.

Feel free to explore popular fashion blogs for inspiration.


Picking a niche for your blog is not the hardest part to make money online. The hardest part is your content, you need to provide a unique content and new one. Don’t make your reader feel bored by reading the same stuff over and over, they already read it in another blogs.
Monetizing your blog is pretty easy, all you need is an original and unique content, for example you can start with Google AdSense, or Affiliate program like ShareASale.

P.S. Happy posting ⌨