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How to Add Code in WordPress Header and Footer, body

How to Add Code in WordPress Header and Footer, body

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Easy guide to add code in your WordPress header and footer and body in easy steps.

No code required except the code you want to add. It works for all themes and plugins.

Why do I need to add code in my WordPress header or footer or body?

Some services or plugins or advertise companies require to add a code in your header or footer.

Example, Google Analytics to measure and track the traffic of your WordPress blog Or AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages), Alexa, Bing, Facebook, Tradedoubler verification code and so on…

How to Add Code in WordPress Header and Footer, body ?

Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin

Header and footer plugin allow you to copy the code and paste it anywhere you want in your WordPress blog, it’s easy and simple, it doesn’t require any coding skills.

Header and footer plugin features:

  • Add code to header and footer and body.
  • Add code inside posts/pages.
  • Add code below or above excerpts.
  • Support AMP code (Accelerated Mobile Pages) for better mobile SEO.

Install Head, Footer and Post Injections plugin

Go to your WordPress blog Dashboard, from the left side navigation hover on Plugins >> Add New

Search for “Head, Footer and Post Injections” or you can download the plugin from here:

Check this guide if you don’t know How to manually upload a theme or plugin in 3 steps

Install “Head, Footer and Post Injections” plugin

Don’t forget to activate the plugin

Form your WordPress blog Dashboard, on the left side navigation, click on Settings > Header and Footer

Add your code to header and body

Add your code to footer

Don’t forget to click save, if you’ve a cache plugin, please clear your cache, after adding your code.

Also, this plugin cannot change your theme footer or header, you need to do this from your theme files, or by contacting your WordPress theme developer.

P.S. Happy posting ⌨



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