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10 Things all bloggers should know

10 things all bloggers should know
10 things all bloggers should know

What is a blog?

A blog is an online diary, a journal, an informational website or a discussion. It’s a type of website where the newest post comes out on top.

Blogs are usually run by one writer, blogger, or small group of people. They share their opinions, information, views, experiences and/or interests on one or multiple topics.

Blogs mostly consist of written content, but images, videos, audios, animated GIFs also play a big part. It’s important to post regularly.

Blogs can be for personal use, business, projects, and many others.

As a business blog, you want people to buy your products or services, and this way of interacting and attracting customers is very smart.

Almost all blogs allow visitors to comment and this way they get feedback. Getting your visitors engaged is vital.

How to create a blog?

A laptop with a red screen

Creating a blog isn’t as complicated as you might think. WordPress made it easy!

You need to have a topic in mind and make sure you are passionate about it. Making weekly, daily, or even hourly posts about something you are not interested in can be a nightmare.

Now think of a name best suited for your topic. A name similar to the topic would work the best. For example, a good name for a cooking blog would incorporate food, kitchen, chef, eat, recipe… like

After picking a name, you will have to search for the best host and software. Best suited for your needs. There is no use in picking an expensive package and not using it to its full potential.

Now the fun begins! Personalize the blog to your liking. There are so many different styles and themes, it’s up to you what to choose. Avoid making the text too small or too big. The contrast of colors is also very important, if you don’t tone them it can become unreadable.

All that is left to do is writing! There is nothing like original and unique content to attract visitors.

We created an easy and free guide and all under 20 minutes, How to start a blog

What to write about in my blog?

What to write about in my blog?

If you don’t have a topic in mind, don’t worry!

Just to make it clear, you don’t have to be an exceptional writer to start a blog.

Writing skills will come to you with time and practise on many many posts. It’s important to write something you like to talk about, your passion, interests, opinion, experience or information.

If you still have writer’s block, we have a list of ideas to help:

  • Personal blog – your daily life, life experiences, recent recipe you tried, your fitness routine.
  • Travel blog – travel guide, tourist locations, taking a stunning photo.
  • Education blog – online courses, tutoring, homeschooling, tips for students.
  • Food blog – family recipe, baking tips, fast lunch/dinner recipe.
  • Lifestyle blog – DIY tutorials, online shopping, fashion trends, wishlist.
  • Parenting blog – birth story, family, friendly pets, healthy snacks.

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Why is blogging so popular?

Simply because it’s easy, anyone can start a blog today!

There are plenty of themes and tools to help you, and they are easy to use. No coding required.

Show off your skills through blog. Maybe it can land you your dream job. Whether it’s writing original and unique content or having stunning design and images.

Additionally, writing and researching about your blog topic can turn you to an expert in that field.

Express your ideas, thoughts, beliefs, knowledge or experiences.

Another reason for its popularity is money. Mostly it’s with affiliate marketing and blog advertisement. You need to be patient and persistent.

Many businesses promote products and services via blog. Interact with your visitors, encourage discussions and build trust. Put links for your online shop website.

Become someone’s inspiration. Help others, make their day better or more productive, small changes to improve daily life, etc.

How can I make my blog interesting?

Short paragraphs are easier to read. A screen full of words, like a book, can be quite unpleasant for the eyes. Try to divide the content into 3-4 sentences at the time.

Use examples to connect with your visitors. Some people don’t understand universal information about what they are searching for, but they do relate through examples. Incorporating a story in content is definitely a positive.

Don’t be afraid to show your personality. Include your opinion into every post, that is what makes your blog unique. Engage with your visitors and ask them what they what to hear about next.

Showing statistics, that are directly related to your content, can make your posts more reliable. Gaining your visitor’s trust is the goal and encourages them to visit again.

Making a good title is vital. Make it short and easy to remember. It can be a play on words or maybe some popular phrase. But most of all, it should capture the essence of your content. Don’t use clickbait!

Before we read anything in the post, we register images and design ahead. There are piles of images that are free or for very low price. Although, it’s more personalized and unique to make your own or make screenshots. The visual aspect is just a cherry on top.

What does a blogger actually do?

A blogger is a person (writer) who runs a blog.

Running a blog is actually hard work. Posting regularly brings you visitors and their trust. It can even be a full-time job! It is more flexible and fun than a regular job.

Writing takes a very big chunk of things that bloggers do. That is the blog’s main purpose.

Every blogger wants to write a content that is new, unique, original and most of all legitimate. Fake information is very risky, and it can make your visitors vanish.

After researching and writing content, it’s time to edit.

Editing includes going over your text again and looking for spelling mistakes, making paragraphs look pleasing for eyes and easy to read, adding some images, screenshots, audios or videos.

New posts should come out at least once a week. If you can do it more often, even better!

However, everyone can get uninspired once in a while. Browsing through your competitor’s blogs can give you an idea, or maybe your visitor’s comments have something they want to see you write about. There are plenty of ways to get back on track.

Bloggers also manage a social media account to promote themselves and engage with visitor’s comments. Keeping up with new trends and updating your content is important, especially for your older posts.

Monetize the blog with affiliate marketing, advertisements, email marketing, selling products, etc. For example, a food blog can eventually make and sell cookbooks or kitchen utensils.

Now, you might think being a blogger is somewhat hard, but all you really need is a desire to learn new things. There are plenty of guides to help new bloggers.

What are the best blog topics?

Aligning your interests with a good topic idea is definitely the goal. There are many blogs out there, so try to pick something relatively new, something with a small amount of competitors or a different point of view.

Best blog topics

  1. Finance
  2. Travel
  3. Business and marketing
  4. Education
  5. Food
  6. Lifestyle
  7. Health and fitness
  8. Parenting (mom blog)
  9. Fashion

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How long does it take to make money as a blogger?

The answer is not specified, it depends on how much you put an effort in your blog, most of the bloggers said 6-12 months. That doesn’t mean you won’t get anything before 6 months, we’re talking about a good income.

How many blogs are there?

Over than 600 million blogs, 518 millions on Tumblr and WordPress has about 60 million blogs.

What is the best free blog sites?

Here are some of the best free blogging sites you can use to start your own blog:






P.S. Happy posting ⌨